Key2Print system functions

Key2Print is a set of tools that enables online selling, giving you an advantage over the competition without high investments. See how it works.

Flexible online store for printing houses

Simple and user-friendly navigation

Be sure that your client finds what they look for, and what you want to show them.

Services for consumer and business market

Cooperate with companies and individual Clients. Offer services and products.

Interface personalization

Customize the look of your store to the needs of your brand; make sure that the client remembers you. Any project executed in HTML5 and CSS3.

Secure payments

Encrypted gateways for on-line payments mean the safety of your money. Possibility of integrating with a chosen company. Available integration with Allegro, Dotpay, PayPal.

Smart online designer

Give your client the opportunity to design their own business cards at the store’s website. You can be sure of the correctness of production files.

Receive Clients’ files

The production files uploaded in your cart are always accessible from Order Manager.

Integration with Fotolia

Access to the largest image bank gathering over 25 million images.

Flexible navigation menu

Unlimited number of pages.


Possible integration with courier companies.


Verification of the quality of files (PDF, JPG) uploaded by the Clients.


Discount coupons

Stimulate sales by offering discount coupons. Gain new Clients and reward the regular ones.


Easy website positioning.

Discount for regular Clients

Develop the cooperation with regular partners on predetermined conditions.

Social modules

Develop the awareness of your brand thanks to social media.

Dealer stores

Develop indirect sales and sell more by passing on stores with your products to partner companies.

E-commerce conferences

Meet specialists in Internet marketing and gain knowledge about the best solutions.

Easy management through an integrated control panel

Creating your own products

Add any product, and configure it exactly as you want.

Adding properties

Add new formats, unusual papers and other characteristics describing the product. Enter unique products in the system and take over the market.

Quick entry and price editing

Save your time, don’t worry about the changes in commodity prices.

Large format printing calculator

Determine the square meter price and maximum dimensions. The Client will receive an instant valuation.

Delivery costs calculator

Configure delivery prices for standard and large formats.

Offset and digital printing calculator

Count rates easily basing on the production costs using Excel files

Manage the access of employees

Not everyone needs to have access to everything, organize the work of your staff.

Product grouping

Join products in groups. Make it easy for the client to find the product they want.

Professional regulations

A pattern prepared by lawyers updated along with the changes in legislation. Sleep well!

Order Manager

All order components in one place. Keep you orders organized.

Order Status Manager

Create statuses for the needs of production process, and automate the workflow of information

Managing orders

Monitor the stages of order execution.

Export / import

Export and import products. Export orders and lists of invoices


Fast implementation

Sell even today, we are ready!

Full IT support

Our team monitors the full efficiency of system and will be happy to answer all your questions.


Don’t worry about renting or buying servers, we will take care of everything.

Low maintenance cost

Subscription model will not affect your cashflow.

Continuous improvements

We are constantly working on developing our system. We listen to your ideas!

Customization / Personalization

If you want us to do something special just for you or you want to have your system on your private server, contact us.
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